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press release on event is a short summary of your event, and it's one of the most important pieces of content you can publish about your event. It gives potential attendees a way to learn more about what they'll be getting with the ticket price, as well as provides journalists with information on who's involved with the event, what they do, and why they're interested in covering it. The key to writing an effective press release is making sure that it covers all three elements—what happened, who did it, and why they're interested in covering it—so don't skip out on these sections!

Why Use a Press Release For an Event?

  • To get publicity for your event.
  • To get media attention for your event.
  • To get more people to attend your event.
  • To help you reach your target audience, and so on...

Who to Send Your Press Release to

  • Local newspapers
  • Local radio stations
  • Local TV stations
  • Local magazines and websites (e.g., the news blog of your local newspaper)
  • Bloggers who write about events in your area and are interested in learning more about them
  • Event planners who work with nonprofits, businesses, and organizations to promote their press release events

How to Write a Press Release for an Event

To write a successful post event press release, the most important thing is to have a clear purpose. Every press release should be about something specific and useful so that it will be read by people who are interested in your event.

Your goal is to get the word out about what happened at your event as quickly and efficiently as possible. This can be done by using active language like “we” or “our” instead of “I” when describing yourself or others involved in the event (e.g., “We would like to thank everyone who attended our conference this week).

You also want to make sure everything you say is clear and simple so that readers don't have any trouble understanding what's going on! That means avoiding tricky words like "no" or "actually"; instead use simpler ones such as "yes" or "no."

Finally, keep things short! We recommend keeping sentences under 30 words long; longer than that might feel too formal for some publications' preferences (and may not even fit into an email inbox!).

How to Format a Press Release for an Event

  • Use Times New Roman font.
  • 1.5 spacing between lines of text.
  • Title your press release in bold and italics (or include a header).
  • Writing a post event press release details in paragraphs, with a brief description of what you'll be doing at the end of each paragraph so that people can easily skim-read it without getting lost in all the details you've provided elsewhere on your page! For example: "The annual fall festival will feature local food vendors serving up their favorite dishes from around town." This way readers know exactly what they're signing up for when they click through to read more about it later!

The Basics of Press Releases for Events

A press release is a written announcement of an event, product launch, or another newsworthy item that can be distributed to the media. It's usually used to announce new products and services, but it also can be used to announce upcoming events or important announcements.

The purpose of a press release after event is to inform readers about something that they might not otherwise know about. The goal is for your audience (the people you're trying to reach) will have just enough information so they'll want more details and therefore read your article(s).

Writing an Event Press Release

When writing an event press release, it's important to use the right words and phrases. The first thing you should do is read through your draft and ask yourself if there are any words that don't make sense or sound awkward. If so, remove them!

In addition to removing any confusing or unnecessary words from your press release, think about how much detail you can include in each sentence before going on with writing. For example: "The winners were announced at 10 AM today at [location]." This paragraph tells us nothing about what happened at 10 AM; instead of telling us when something occurred (and therefore distracting us), we should focus on describing who won and why they won by mentioning their names only once each time before moving on to other information like which organization/business it was for etcetera...

Submitting Your Event Press Release

Sending your event press releases to relevant news outlets is a great way to get the word out about your event. Consider sending it directly to local newspapers, radio stations, or TV stations. You can also submit it to blogs and websites that cover arts and culture in your area.

Social media is another great tool for sharing information about events at large—and small-scale fundraisers alike! If you're planning a fundraiser on Facebook or Instagram, consider sharing details about how people can participate in advance; this will help them prepare when they arrive at the event venue on day one (or two). Online forums are also good places where people make plans together; many groups have rules regarding posting photos while others don't care what happens behind closed doors as long as everyone goes home happy afterward!

Creating and sending out press releases is a powerful tool that can make your event a success.

Creating and sending out press release events is a powerful tool that can make your event a success.

Press releases are used to promote an event, product, or service. The press release should be written in language that is easy for the media to understand, but at the same time, it should contain enough information about your company and its products/services so that readers will know what they are reading about. This can be done by including:

  • A brief summary of the subject matter
  • A list of key points made in the body of the text (use bullet points)
  • Contact information for those interested in more details


Event press releases are a great way to get your event noticed and result in more people attending. However, you’re going to need to follow a few guidelines if you want your release to be effective. The most important thing is that you communicate clearly with reporters about what they can expect when reading about your evening or event in print or on social media—and always provide a link back to the official website for more information!

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